who we are

The Dabhand is a passionate multidiscipline design consultancy based in Bangkok. Our creative brains and skilled hands specialise in a wide range of fields from designing new and innovative identities for our clients to website production, creating ideas, graphic designing, packaging designing, art direction and print and collateral designs.

We offer a complete range of services from concept design to full design development. We are also very keen and driven to be involved in the production process so that we can guarantee the product is created to the highest possible standard.

We have worked with a wide of range of clients, from startups with no experience, to internationally acclaimed companies with worldwide recognition.

This broad spectrum of cliental has enabled us to work under all possible parameters and it means we are easily able to adapt and create strategies no matter what the artistic direction.

the team

Bongkoch Katebmud

Bongkoch Katebmud

Founder & Creative Director
Tanaporn Sorat

Tanaporn Sorat

Account Executive
Chidchadaporn Banglap

Chidchadaporn Banglap

Senior Graphic Designer
Racha Yutawichai

Racha Yutawichai

Graphic Designer
Singha Wongdeethai

Singha Wongdeethai

Thanakon Jansiri

Thanakon Jansiri

3D Model Artist

our services

Branding & Identity Design

We create much more than your typical branding team, which would just look at logo design and colour directions.  We go the extra mile and help our clients to define themselves through their product design.  This specific and personal branding helps the client to communicate their products value to their audience.  We combine the tangible with the intangible to create graphic platforms where this distinction, opportunity and uniqueness are displayed.

Website & Online

We translate our client’s written ideas into content rich websites and e-commerce platforms and we work alongside a top programmer who brings these creations to life.

Our knowledge of user experiences enables us to enhance the potential of social media and to discover new opportunities in order to create stimulating online experiences.

Print & Collateral Design

We have partnered ourselves closely to a select number of specialist printers who pride themselves on producing the highest quality media and collateral possible.  We believe that the tangible experiences that we can deliver onto paper can narrate rich stories and bring our clients brands to life.

Art direction

We are resolute in our belief on the importance and power visual communication has and therefore we always focus on turning our clients written brief into a meaningful image that uniquely and clearly communicates the client’s brand.

We always have production in mind when we are designing and this means that our books, brochures, annual reports, poster, stationary, packaging, pop up paper and other daring and experimental products are always of the highest possible standard.


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The Curve Neighborhood Center 246/207 Soi. Onnut 17,
Suanluang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand